Use your 401(k) or Traditional IRA to buy, start or grow a business without paying early withdrawal penalties and taxes.

Did you know that withdrawing your retirement funds early to finance a business will cost approximately 30-40% of the entire amount you withdrawal? You don’t have to lose almost half of your retirement savings to the IRS. Use the Entrepreneur Retirement Plan of America (ERPA) self-directed 401(k) plan to finance your business dreams.

The different ways to use the ERPA without paying early withdrawal penalties and taxes:

  • Buy a Franchise or existing business.
  • Combine with commercial financing
  • Use as a down payment on SBA Financing or other business loans
  • Grow your business
  • Start a new business

Don’t give your retirement away to Uncle Sam; let us help you use your retirement account to capitalize a business today. If you have $50,000 or more in tax deferred retirement assets, give us a call to see how we can help your business dreams become reality.

What sets the ERPA apart?

  • The only turn-key self-directed 401(k) retirement solution with fully automated management.
  • The only self-directed 401(k) plan to share the plan trustee and administrator roles.
  • The only plan to assume 95% of Department of Labor and IRS compliance responsibilities.
  • Don’t shoulder the burden of DOL and IRS compliance with another self-directed 401(k), let the ERPA team worry about government regulations.

Contact Details:

Phone: 281-359-2265
Website: 401(k)/IRA Business Financing

Professional Service Type: 
401k conversion

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