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Purchased for wife

Only $19,750 down to join the US’s top 5 franchise system, Anytime Fitness! This gym has been open since 2007 and currently serves 480+ clients who each enter the gym by controlled access. In addition to cardio and strength training, also offered are group classes including Piloxing, Body Pump, Zumba and yoga.

With the 4,600 square-foot gym’s expansive equipment list worth $103,118 including 9 cardio machines, 11 Nautilus Nitro machines, benches, racks, balling ropes and freestanding training bags, an easy growth opportunity would be to partner with personal trainers, allowing them to train in the gym for a fee and referring new members their way. Offering nutrition planning or tanning on a drop-in basis would also allow this gym to increase cash flow and profit to the incoming owner.

There are seven employees: one full-time and six part-time. The current owner manages passively, only overseeing financials and scheduling group class instructors as necessary. This is a must-see for any fitness enthusiast: the value of assets alone is more than the purchase price of the business. A $60,000 renovation took place within the last three years so this gym is turn-key ready!

Equipment loan will be fully collateralized by the assets.
Exercise Equipment
Cardio – 9 machines: 4 ellipticals, 2 bikes, 4 treadmills w/personal TV screens, water rowing machine, stairmaster
Nautilus Nitro – 11 machines: Leg extension, seated leg curl, hip abduction/adduction, abdominal, rear delt/pec fly, vertical chest, overhead press, mid row, preacher curl, ventral tricep extension, gravitron pull-up/dip assist
Nautilus Free Weight Equipment: cable cross-over, lat pulldowns (2), Smith machine, Power Rach (with rack), Olympic Supine Bench (with rack), adjustable abdominal bench, preacher curl, 0-90 adjustable benches (2), flat utility bench, 10-pair dumbbell racks (2), Intek dumbbell sets 5lbs-100lbs, Intek free weight plates: 2.5 lbs (12), 10 lbs (8), 25 lbs (12), 35 lbs (6), 45 lbs (12)
Other Exercise Equipment: 2 battling ropes, 3 freestanding training bags, 16 aerobic steps each with 4 risers, additional dumbbell sets, standing row, stability balls, medicine balls, exercise mats, bands, jump ropes, 6 kettlebells, 3 sandbells
Additional Equipment
Security system (9 cameras, 16-camera DVR), 2 tanning beds, professional sound system, 3 flatscreen TVs, washer and dryer, computer, office furniture, drink cooler
Intangible Assets
Existing customer base, support from franchise and existing owner, Facebook page with nearly 2,000 check-ins!
$60,000 in renovations

*amounts may vary

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