Remotely Operated, Fully Staffed Burger Franchise
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Business Type: 
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Owner lives out-of-state

Remotely operated, full staffed burger franchise in West Des Moines, Iowa with annual sales of $883,195 in 2015. It’s your choice to operate absentee and earn $108,354 annually or increase your profit by being an owner-operator and earn $160,928.
One General Manager is responsible for day to day operations and oversees 4 full time employees and 8 part time employees. The current owner runs this business remotely and absentee by scheduling weekly conference calls and regular site visits every 30 to 45 days. The reason the owner is selling is due to living out of state and the want to not be an absentee owner any longer.
This turnkey operation is fully equipped with all personnel resources as well as necessary supplier, contacts and an online ordering system. The Franchisor provides marketing and training support to allow for consistency and national ad campaigns.
Earn either a 71% or 156% return on your down payment investment in year one as well as a net operating income of $44,746 or $97,320!

Financial Overview
List Price: $415,000
Gross Sales
2015: $883,195
2014: $851,044
2013: $845,344
2012: $819,306
Owner Profit/Cash Flow (if Owner-Operator)
2015: $160,928
2014: $135,469
Owner Profit/Cash Flow (if Absentee Owner)
2015: $108,354
2014: $88,088
Profit Margin: 18%
Multiple: 3.4 – [Multiples are based between 1 and 5, with 3 being the average]
Valuation: Cash Flow x Multiple = Price
$160,928 x 3.4 = $547,155
Assets Included in Purchase: $432,154
Equipment: $189,568
Intangible Assets: Custom website with online ordering capabilities
Build-Out: $235,586
Inventory: ~$7,000
*amounts may vary
Business Information
Year Established: Franchise Est. 2007
Location and Service Area: West Des Moines, IA
Reason for Selling: Owner lives out of state
Employees: 13 Employees – 1 General Manager, 4 Full Time Employees and 8 Part Time Employees
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Growth Opportunities: Catering accounts in the area for both residential and corporate evens
Current Owner’s Responsibilities: Remotely and absentee owned with weekly check-in phone calls and site visits every 30-45 days
Funding Example
Purchase Price: $415,000
15% Buyer Down Payment: $62,250
15% Seller Financing: $62,250
70% Bank Loan: $290,500
Loan over collateralized by $141,654!
Net Operating Income as Owner-Operator of $97,320 with a 156% Return on Down Payment Investment in Year One
Net Operating Income as Absentee Owner of $44,746 with a 71% Return on Down Payment Investment in Year One

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