This is a 2,000 sq ft +/- bagel shop, which gives you plenty of space for preparing food and bagels. It is located in a very busy shopping center with plenty of parking. While most other bagel shops don't really cater to sit down customers due to seating constraints, this shop seats up to 83 customers.
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other businesses
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Health Issues

This is a quality, well-established bagel shop. The focus here is on bagel sandwiches. The emphasis on bagel sandwiches allows ownership to enjoy a strong lunch time trade in addition to the usual breakfast trade. If you have a food background, and are used to, but tired of the long hours, you need to consider owning this bagel shop. Like other food businesses, it serves customers 7 days a week. This shop, however, closes by 3PM DAILY!!! That's right, 3 PM DAILY!!! This allows you to make $50,000 annually, while still being able to spend quality time with your family!!! How many delis or sandwich shops will allow you to do that? As food businesses go, this bagel shop is very easy to run. Bagels are bought wholesale, so you don't even have to bake them. Sit down customers account for about 80% of overall sales, and take-out customers account for the other 20%. Interested persons should contact Louis Dirisio at (561) 523-0642.

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