This business has a class CN liquor license that conveys. The class cn is the highest and best of its kind, very difficult to get, and they are not issuing any more for this part of DC. Also conveying is new separate permitting to serve drinks and food to their outdoor patio on the street. The business is statistically located between two metro stations and across from a parking garage and has massive amounts of afternoon foot traffic. Currently, the business is only open 3 days a week to cater to a nightclub and dancing crowd. However, there are no restrictions for hours, so an owner could convert this to a 7 day a week operation with an outdoor happy hour component. Right now the club is booked solid through the end of summer by party promoters that bring in famous DJs and crowds with their contacts through twitter and facebook. The owners are not very actively involved as the manager and party promoters take care of the details. If you are serious about opening a bar in DC, you should see this establishment. It can convert to your use, or you can keep it as it is - a simple part-time operation that generates money and is a lot of fun to own.
Business Type: 
Business Type: 
Washington D.C.
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th15 Nightclub DC
Reason for Sale: 
Partnership is dissolving and some are now out of the area

Will train for free and stay on as a part-time consultant if needed. 2500 sq ft at 10k a month all in.

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