Loyal clientele and tenured staff, this owner only works 1 day per week
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Business Type: 
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Realestate Included: 
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Reason for Sale: 
Owner’s construction business is growing and taking all this focus

Loyal clientele and tenured staff (1 FT & 4 PT [Average tenure is over 5 years]), this owner only works 1 day per week. Established in the middle of the city, with interstate access, providing a watering hole to all types of individuals. The bar is fully equipped with the furniture, equipment, and inventory that is needed; valued at $65,000! The chairs are comfy, and the bar is just dark enough to be cozy and intimate. The tenured bartenders have a warmth to them that you don’t see everywhere which is why customers make this a regular spot for happy hour. Professionals & Blue Collar, medium age (30-55) is the main demographic of this establishment.

The layout of the facility is comfortable and open with a sunken bar and plenty of seating options. This is a nostalgic establishment with a solid client base. The Owner is willing to stay on and train for a period of 90 days post sale, if needed.

There is a large growth opportunity for the business by starting a reverse happy hour program; this would begin drawing in the younger crowd (20’s). The business could also sponsor softball or other sporting teams in the area to grow weekday late evening hours.

Financial Overview
List Price: $ 140,000
Gross Sales
2015: $168,934 (Annualized)
2014: $157,058

Cash Flow/Owner Profit: $39,265 (Industry Standard 25%)

Assets Included in Purchase: $72,000
Furniture & Fixtures: $40,000
Equipment: $10,000
Leasehold Improvements: $15,000
Inventory: ~$7,000

*amounts may vary

Business Information
Years in Business: Est. 1968
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Service Area: Within 1 mile from Interstate 80
Demographics: Professionals & Blue Collar ~ medium
age (30-55)
Clientele: Several regulars with the draw of new customers
Lease: 2,000 sq./ft. at only $2,500/month lease
Reason for Selling: Owner’s construction business is
growing and taking all this focus
Employees: 1 FT & 4 PT (Average tenure is over 5 years)
Hours: Mon-Wed 12pm to 12am, Thurs 12pm-1am,
Fri-Sat 12pm-2am & Closed Sunday
Current Owner’s Responsibilities: QuickBooks, Ordering
And Monthly Scheduling (Only 1 day/week)

Funding Example
Purchase Price: $ 140,000

Seller will Finance 15% of Purchase Price

Next Steps
For a detailed financial package, please contact Cortney Sells or one of The Firm Business Brokerage’s professionals at 402.998.5288 or email

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