Here is your chance to own your own either one or two General Motors new car-truck dealerships in northeast Texas. If you think that you are financially qualified and can obtain both General Motors approval as well as adequate floor plan financing contact us today. We'll send you a non-disclose agreement for you to execute and we'll send you to our website to complete a franchise information request form. Then once we receive these two items we'll call you to ask you a few questions then if all goes well we'll have the GM dealer who owns these two dealerships call you and he will fill you in on the details of either or both of these GM new car-truck dealerships which are close to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex..
Business Type: 
auto and marine
Realestate Included: 
Reason for Sale: 
The owner is ill and requires heart surgery, suffers from diabetes, and needs to start liquidating millions of dollars of assets, businesses, etc.

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