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Business Type: 
Consulting Company Investor Relations Investment Banking Business for small cap public companies OTC and OTCBB listed and quoted public companies. 7 Staff completely relocatable will train and stay on as consultant to assist.
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Please read the ad carefully

There are 6 divisions of the business for sale

1. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) $475,000 (Includes 6 public companies)

2. Investor Relations and Marketing (IR) $425,000 (Approximately 50 repeat clients)

3. Investment Banking (IB) $275,000

4. Business Incubators and Aggregation (BI) For AN I.P.O $250,000 (Currently we are incubating a Forex Company and a Vending Company)

5. Inventory of 32 Public Companies plus 2 IPOS (All Majority Shareholder) $2,400.00

6. Stand Alone 5,000 sq foot building $ 1,175,000

7. Common Stock of clients (obviously the sum changes daily)Approximately $500,000

8. Franchising (Under Development) $100,000 spent so far

9. Call Centre In Belgrade Serbia (50 station / 15 staff full time and office manager) $200,000

Total Value $5,800,000

Can be bought all individually or a whole package

• To continue running this business as an ongoing business concern for best results divisions 1 2 and 3 work in sync together. These 3 divisions can be purchased for $895,000 as a package
• Division #4 is an investment type instrument and not required in a day to day operation of the business
• Division # 5 is a commodity that can be sold individually and purchased on as needed basis either from us or other suppliers
• Item # 6 is the physical plant (owned building) The business can be operated from a leased premises (also available as a lease option) either at the current location or another location.
• Item # 7 represents immediate cash flow. It is fees paid in advance by clients for services yet to be rendered or financing provided by the IB. This is an investment type instrument and not required in a day to day operation of the business as the new owner can generate its own cash flows.
• Item #8 is future growth. This is an investment type instrument and not required in a day to day operation of the business The new owner can continue on this path or terminate the franchise concept.
• Item / Division # 9 This division is self sufficient. Other than sharing our name Mina Mar Communications there is no ties to it. Divisions 1 2 and 3 retain it to prospect for new clients. This is an investment type instrument and not required in a day to day operation of the business as the new owner can generate its own sales leads internally from the home office. Their services can be purchased on as needed basis with no contract or commitment
In summary we are an Investor Relations and Consulting company servicing small cap micro cap nano cap and startup companies for the USA and German market. We offer Investment Banking services (Mezzanine financing for publicly traded companies) those namely being:
OTC Markets and OTCBB quoted companies
We are the largest IR and MA firm servicing OTC Market clients (OTCBB and Pink Sheets) with mergers and investor awareness. Over 5% of market share captured. In business, since 2005.

Purchase price includes opt in email list over 100,000 twiter followers, 40,000 opt in emails all the furniture fixtures computers, good will trade name, staff assumable everything required to operate this business from a 5,000 sq foot rental building. (Building may also be available for sale as aforementioned) . We are about 80% ready to start franchising the concept. We tested the market for 3 years with the “agent” program and have a dozen or so successful agents. This is a potential gold mine for the right individual.
Ideal candidates or consultants are accountants lawyers bookkeepers business brokers, managers, upper management, Ex CEO's CFO's Executives, Executive Assistants or anyone in paper moving industry that wants to or has a network of business owners. Should have a good grasp of business knowledge, some accounting, and a good command of the English language (or the language of your country if you plan to operate off shore)
Great business for an Ex CEO, CFO,COO or someone with corporate background or as an add on business to an Insurance ,Real Estate Brokerage or any sort of a financial or consulting business. Other great candidates that could fit the bill are seasoned stock trader, law firm, broker dealer, market maker retired lawyer accountant or someone who wants to sink their teeth into a nice professional business. We have No SEC or OSC infractions or any violation nor injunction or administrative notices.

WE RUN A NICE CLEAN OPERATION! Google our name and see for yourself! We are the #1 firm in penny stock MA and IR work.

Our good name is paramount in the industry with over 100,000 social media followers opt in e mails and other followers of the firm. In code share we have an unprecedented 900,000 followers on various social networks.
You will get training, how to, full support all the forms, documents, access to our lawyers, accountants, back office, Intranet, Extranet, Support Suite and everything you need to operate the business.
The average "Going Public" (M&A) Mergers and Acquisitions sale is $175,000 for companies that desire to go public. ($250,000 for OTCBB, and $100,000 for OTC Markets) with a 50% average mark up. Usual back end fee is 3%-5% of company common stock. On a company with just a $5 million dollar valuation... Once they are public the investor awareness program kicks in. The average IR campaigns cost ranges from $99,000 to $349,000 usually paid in stock and cash with a 35% profit margin.


We have 40-50 public shells in our inventory to assist you in your sales goals (available to bought as inventory)
We do have a proven system. We have been perfecting our system since 2005 and we are ready for the roll out. Our target is to have 2,200 licensees operating within the next 10 years. (Via Franchising)
Company is in a PRE IPO stage, in Frankfurt Germany with a registration statement Unique and Amazing opportunity for the right individual. Company estimated valuation in excess of $20,000,000.00
Approximately 85% of company control with the 15% to be held by current management (Key Staff) (OPTIONS) Future plans included an up ramp to a 1,000 staff back office call center to tackle NASDAQ small cap markets and to service NASDAQ clients including market making functionality.
The big picture, and the exit strategy is to roll up all the 2,200 licensees in an IPO and create a conglomerate of sorts. Similar to Morgan Stanley, or Goldman Sachs only Mina Mar is designed for the OTC and OTCBB markets.
Links to videos below:

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Reason for Sale: 
We are in our mid 40s semi retired. This business was great to us! This is a family run business We would like to stay on 1-3 years as part time or consultants. If you want a non competition clause we would like to stay on as a commission only sales reps.

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