National fire suppression (84% of revenue) and automatic lubrication (16% of revenue) systems provider for operators of heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, and heavy-haul trucks. Fire suppression systems are designed to detect and prevent equipment fires, and automatic lubrication systems are designed to activate regular lubrication service to the vehicle’s key mechanical points at manufacturers’ specified intervals. The typical customer target for fire suppression systems is a mining or forestry operation, which has a critical need to prevent loss due to fire damage on its significant investment in capital equipment, or risk of injury to its employees. The typical customer targets for auto lubrication systems has been mobile fleet operators, such as waste hauling operations or other heavy-haul fleet operators, whose equipment requires specified grease grades delivered to certain points on pre-determined time intervals based on manufacturer’s specifications. The Company operates with twelve employees, including six field technicians, and an average of seven trucks in the field servicing customer sites.
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New ownership with add'l resources needed to take company to the next level

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