35 Employed Drivers & 20 Subcontracted Drivers; this business is ready for its next load!
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other service
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Starting to plan retirement

With 35 employed drivers along with 20 other subcontracted drivers this hauling business is ready for its next load; boasting over $5 Million in Assets which includes brands such as Wilson, Merritt, International, Navistar, Arcos, Brenner, Timpte, and Transcraft are all included in the Purchase Price. With a diversified Sales of $3,995,421 for 2014 there is services of cattle, gluten, packing plants, grain, and wrecker services. Livestock and grain hauling is the main focus of this business however they are providing a range of services to allow diversification.

Servicing a concentration of Iowa and Nebraska they are also hauling coast to coast to 48 states. Truck transportation comprises almost 70% of all goods transporting in the United States. Currently operating out of the middle of the Heartland, this trucking company owns trailers of every size, from tandems to triples and seven axle combinations. Twelve live bottom trailers run 7 days a week, transporting grain, gluten and rock. Income derived from 40% cattle hauling and 60% feed transport. Gross sales are consistent from 2013 to 2014.

Financial Overview
List Price: $5,250,000
Gross Sales
2014: $3,995,421
2013: $3,982,193
Sales Breakdown
Cattle Loads: $637,381 (paid from Feeder/Rancher)
Packing Plants: $780,685
Grain Hauling: $69,868
Wrecker Service: $112,378
Gluten Loads: $2,186,782
Misc.: $208,327
Owner Profit/Cash Flow
2014: $747,796
2013: $678,100
Profit Margin: 18%
Valuation: Cash Flow x Multiple = Price
$747,796 x 7.05 = $5,271,962

Assets Included in Purchase: $5,229,746
Assets: $5,105,968
15 Livestock Trailers
8 Livestock Tractors
2 Trucks
6 Tankers
1 Boom Truck
7 Gluten Tractors
18 Grain Tractors
5 Grain Trailers
Wrecker Equipment
Furniture & Fixtures
Shop Equipment
Truck Wash
Accounts Receivable: $123,778

*amounts may vary

Business Information
Year Established : 2001
Location: Northeast Nebraska (45 miles outside of Omaha) serving all 48 contiguous states
Service Area: Nebraska & Iowa concentration but hauls to 48 states coast to coast
Clients: Processing 50 to 75 invoices per month (40% cattle hauling & 60% feed transport)
Reason for Selling: Starting to plan retirement
Employees: 2 Office Staff completing A/R, A/P, and scheduling; 30-40 W2 Drivers; and 20 1099 Drivers
Seller Training Period: 1 to 2 years, as desired by Buyer
Growth Opportunities: Enough equipment in place to support additional sales without needing to purchase more tractors or trailers (5 moth trucks)
Current Owner’s Responsibilities: Scheduling and logistics

Funding Example
Purchase Price: $5,250,000
10% Buyer Down Payment: $525,000
15% Seller Financing: $787,500
75% Bank Loan: $3,937,500

The bank loan needed would be fully collateralized with the business equipment described below.

Next Steps
For a detailed financial package, please contact Cortney Sells or one of The Firm Business Brokerage’s professionals at 402.998.5288 or email

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