Equipment device for animals & people needing conditioning in strength and agility
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Growing Pains – lack of personal resources to continue to fund growing purchase orders

Equipment device company that manufactures and assembles a proprietary apparatus that is used for conditioning in strength and agility for both humans and equine. This specialized technology has a strong growth outlook and offers a federally registered product with an abundant volume of end-users. Proven success in the device’s ability to assist the user in both strength and agility have been studied by four separate universities of which 2 are complete with positive approvals. The product is shipped direct to customers across the United States and Internationally, allowing for the business to be operated from almost anywhere. Clientele comes from a variety of industries including senior living facilities, athletic teams, chiropractors, veterinarians, and equestrians. The reason for sale is “growing pains,” the Seller is growing at such a rapid rate that he is seeking a qualified Buyer to take the company to the next level.

The company’s gross sales surpassed $1.3 million in 2014 which was an increase of more than 40% over the previous year. Cash flow in 2014 was $397,052. Inventory included in the purchase has the wholesale value of $608,355

Financial Overview
List Price: $4,650,000

Gross Sales
2014: $1,340,282
2013: $799,609
2012: $589,640

Owner Profit/Cash Flow
2014: $397,052
2013: $247,650
2012: $150,972

Valuation: Cash Flow X Multiple = Price
$397,052 X 4.6 = $1,826,439
Base Price $1,826,000 + Earn Out $2,824,000 = List Price

YOY Growth: Over 40%

Profit Margin: 29%

Assets Included in Purchase: $825,891
- Equipment: $29,369
- Intangible Assets: Published in The Journal of Equine Veterinary Science; 4 Universities received grants to study and prove this technology. 2 of the 4 studies are complete and have resulted in positive approvals; Federally Registered
- Inventory: $608,355
- A/R: $51,359
- Work in Progress (WIP): $7,940 - Work in progress is not usually high as orders ship out within 1-2 business days
- Secured Purchase Orders (POs): $128,868 - The business has a pattern that is seen monthly based off of previous years. This year has been right in line with last year
- Bids: Sending out bids daily

*amounts may vary

Business Information
- Location: Nebraska – this could easily be relocated if desired
- Service Area: Products ship in US and Internationally
- Human Demographics: Senior Living, Chiropractors, Personal Trainer-Gym, Collegiate athletic programs, Professional Athletic Teams
- Equine Demographics: Veterinarians, Horse Trainers/Owners/Managers, College & Professional Rodeos, Horse Tracks and Stables
- Reason for Selling: Growing Pains – lack of personal resources to continue to fund growing purchase orders
- Employees: 1 Sales, 1 Assembler/Laborer, 1 CFO
- Seller Training Period: 6 months of transition & training – if acceptable Earn Out is agreed to, the Seller would stay on in perpetuity
- Growth Opportunities: This is a new emerging market – adding to the staff is a must to continue the 40% year over year growth

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