Seller will carry 15% and train for up to 2 years to strive for smooth transition
Business Type: 
Sales Revenue: 
Cash Flow: 
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Reason for Sale: 

Seller is willing to finance 15% of the Purchase Price for a qualified Buyer as well as train for up to 2 years (if desired) to ensure for a smooth transition. With a proprietary concrete formulation of 9,000 PSI, this business has carved a niche in the market for Feedlots, Cow/Calf Ranchers, Zoos, Oil Fields, and over 620 Retail Locations nationwide! The business has fully established operations in both the United States and Canada allowing for international business to successfully take place throughout hundreds of distribution sources.
The water tanks are used both commercially and in consumer sales providing the most elite water tank in North America. A new Buyer assumes ownership of needed concrete forms, tools, equipment, inventor, AR, and necessary vehicles totaling over $2.1MM in total – allowing the Bank Loan to be fully collateralized!

Business Information
Years in Business: 20+ Years in Canada & 12 Years in US
Location: United States (Nebraska) and Canada (Alberta)
Service Area: All of North America
Clients: Direct to Feedlots, Cow/Calf Ranchers, National Zoos, Oil Fields, 620+ International Retail Locations
Reason for Selling: Retirement
Employees: Fully Staffed in both locations
Seller Training Period: Seller will train and transition for up to 2 years if desired by Buyer
Current Owner’s Responsibilities: Management, Accounting and Marketing

Financial Overview
List Price: $1,620,000
Gross Sales
2015: $2,476,988
2014: $2,797,597
2013: $2,884,801
Owner Profit/Cash Flow
2015: $513,923
2014: $270,930
2013: $372,007
**This business currently uses an accrual-based accounting method, therefore this Owner Profit does not include A/R

Assets Included in Purchase: Over $2.1MM
Equipment: $425,094 ($318,231 in Concrete Forms, $18,892 in Office Equipment, and $87,971 in Tools & Equipment) *This is the depreciated value; Replacement Value is well over $850,000
Vehicles: $87,154 (2 Cement Trucks, 2 Pick Ups, 3 Trailers, and 1 Truck Box) *This is the depreciated value; Replacement Value is well over $150,000
Inventory Total: $509,684
Canada: $217,212
US: $292,472
A/R Total: $760,366
Canada: $270,195
US: $490,171
*Buyer will receive all A/R except for $150,000; to be used for Working Capital
Work In Progress/Purchase Orders: $300,000+
Intangible Assets: Proprietary concrete blend, proprietary water agitator, and the established import/export privilege
**amounts may vary**

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