Business Type: 
Business Type: 
Successful company specialized in one trending tool to Marketing, RH and Audit departments of business and corporates, focused in retail and hospitality.
Sales Revenue: 
Net Profit: 

Operation is technology optimized to get high return with low investment in equipment, rent, employees, etc. It can be managed with home office model 80%.
- 4 years conducting business as LLC (S de RL de CV in Mexico)
- Client portfolio
- Yearly sales average $150,000 USD
- Operative costs around 50%-60%
- Yearly profit around $75,000 USD
- In good standing with credit history

This is an excellent option for professional of any administrative career that wants to have business in a growing market with low time requirements.

There are no direct competitors in region, there are around 15 competitors in the country, so there is room to expand.

Due the technology nature of the business it is possible to sell the service local, regional, national and international with a single operation place, so there is plenty of room to expand.

Real Estate Included: 
Cash Flow: 
Reason for Sale: 
Family reasons.

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