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online businesses
Trademark/URL's for sale for online event planning/transportation business.
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Started in 2007, the international trademarked words “Plans Tonight” ® is currently licensed by permission of use to a 501-c3 Non-Profit Organization, “Plans Tonight, Inc.” based on San Diego, CA. The corporation promotes public safety with entertainment events, computer services and software used to provide shared-ride transportation, prevention of drunk driving, along with education and distribution of information related to transportation alternatives. Over the past decade, ride-sharing has grown to unimaginable popularity to significantly reduce the number of drivers on the roads and improve safety at lowest costs. The mission of Plans Tonight® membership and services has been shared by many other profit-based competitor solutions most recently. However, the trademark has a good reputation for many objectives and is also registered in these 7 international classes: 35, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, and 45. These classes cover everything from computer services, entertainment, bar and restaurant establishments, social media, transportation and more, and you can buy the rights to all 7 in this package deal.

Additionally, this package can be yours along with the transfer of ownership of these 6 critical web site URL’s:
Think of how popular the trademarked words and web search engine optimization such as “Plans Tonight”® could market your business and open new opportunities!

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Trademarks for sale, dissolution of non-profit client services no longer needed. Search for your new customers!

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