Highest Education Achieved: 
Associate Degree

(818)515-2096 Cell
Rkehaile@yahoo.com Email

Kristy Haile, RDH
Interest Dental Hygiene Position

Registered Dental Hygienist
• Digital Radiographs (Dentrix, Dexis and Kodak)
• Standard Radiographs
• Digital Photography (Invisalign and Cosmetic)
• Soft Tissue Laser – ND Yag Laser (7/04-Present)
• Soft Tissue Management Program
• Effective Oral Hygiene Patient Education
• Disinfection of Clinical Rooms
• Sterilization of Instruments
• Suture Removal
• Bleaching Impressions
• Pouring and Trimming of Models
• Placement and Removal of Periodontal Dressings
• Cleaning and Care of Implants
• Intra oral Camera
• Computer Age and Dentrix Computer Systems
• Hygiene Recall Program
• Co-Diagnosis Skills
• Social Media Marketing
• Fortune Practice Management Program (2007-Present)

Graduated 1996
• Northeastern University, Boston MA
• Forsyth School For Dental Hygienists, Boston MA

Recent Continuing Education:

Yankee Dental Congress, Boston MA, January 2006
• Maxillofacial Reconstruction of The Casualties of The War in Iraq and
• Oral Piercing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Invisalign, San Jose CA, February 2006
• The Hygienic Benefits
• Various Invisalign Cases – Ranging Everywhere From Canine Crossbite, to Lower Anterior Crowding Cases.

Implants & Prosthetic Options Hands-on Techniques, San Jose CA, April 2006
• Implant Options
• New State of the Art Periodontal Surgeries
• Prosthetic Options

Infection Control, Online Class, May 2006, 2008, 2010

California Dental Law, Online Class, May 2006, 2008, 2010

Fortune Management Training January 2007-Present (ongoing)

Yankee Dental Congress, Boston MA, January 2007
• Save a Life: Prevent Abuse and Neglect
• Sugar-Coated Kids
• How Disasters Are Changing Forensic Dentistry

CPR-(recertification), Los Angeles, CA October 2011
CPR-(recertification), San Jose, CA, July 2007, 2009
• Basic Cardiac Life Support (Healthcare Provider)

A Higher Level of Hygiene, San Francisco, CA, September 2007
• 2007 Graduate Program

Invisalign and Malocclusion, San Francisco, CA April 2011

Invisalign, San Jose, CA, October 2007
• Various cases that involved patients with Periodontal disease
• Various cases that used Invisalign and conventional orthodontics

Continuing Laser Training, San Jose, CA January 2008
• Advanced Soft-tissue Laser Training

Reasons To Hire Kristy As Your New Dental Hygienist!
• Kristy’s Professionalism
• Kristy’s Extensive Knowledge in the Field of Dentistry
• Kristy’s Caring Personality
• Kristy’s Social Skills With Patients
• Kristy’s Effective Communication With Patients
• Kristy is Very Easy to Get Along With
• Kristy’s Finely Tuned Scaling Skills
• Kristy’s Energetic Attitude Toward Dental Hygiene and The
Field of Dentistry
• Kristy’s Always Ready To Learn Attitude
• Kristy’s Fabulous and Warm Smile

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