13 yr old profitable, growing consumer product e-retailer
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online businesses
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Highly profitable online e-commerce retailer of niche market products and supplies is available for acquisition. This business can be relocated (and has been in the past with minimal disruption). 2011 revenues and profits were the company's all time highest in its 13 year operating history, with an 8.5% increase year over year. January, 2012 revenues are up 26% over last January --- last three months up 15.7% over same three month period of prior year and company expects another record year for both revenues and profits.

Company has a warehouse, which stockholders own, and they will sell or lease or New Owner may wish to vacate, and the 4 employees run virtually all aspects of the day to day operations. Company is involved in a stable growing industry in which many of the products are consumables and thus need to be reordered. None of the products are fashion related or have short shelf lives, thus the inventory is stable and has no obsolescence issues.

New owner may wish to pay cash for the business or may wish to use SBA financing. If SBA financed, the New Owner will need to qualify as to down payment, collateral, business and/or industry experience and have clean credit.

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