Great Alexa rankings and Social Media Engagement for this Specialty Online Shop
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online businesses
Multiple U.S. States
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Great Alexa rankings and social media engagement for this specialty online shop. It would work well as an add-on business or part-time moneymaker! This online natural wellness and healing store brings in $43,362 a year with gross sales consistently over $118,822 annually. Many items are drop-shipped from their distributors, meaning no large items to carry in inventory. Top sellers include supplements, EMF protection products and alternative health and wellness remedies. Current stock occupies less than 200 square feet of space -- an easy add-on for home or office. The weekly newsletter reaches just under 15,000 subscribers and with over 13,000 followers on Twitters, this store is turning 20% profits to a captive audience!

In addition to a savvy web entrepreneur or part-time hobbyist, this business could also be a good fit for a chiropractor, naturopath or healthcare professional. Price includes domain names, phone numbers, blog, shopping cart and all proprietary information.

Financial Overview
List Price: $108,000
Gross Sales
2014: $118,822
Owner Profit/Cash Flow
2014: $16,178
Valuation: Cost to Create
It would take a person far more money, time, and energy to create and design a website, curate the product list, work with vendors, purchase inventory, gain social media fans and an established client list and operated a web-store like this than it would to purchase this business for $108,000

Assets Included in Purchase: $10,000
Inventory: Approximately $10,000 in inventory goes with the sale; this takes the space of an average-sized closet
Intangible Assets: 13,100 Twitter followers, 1,865 likes on Facebook, a Constant Contact weekly newsletter list with 15,000 subscribers

*amounts may vary

Business Information
Year Established: 2004
Location: Omaha, Nebraska (but can be done from anywhere)
Demographics: 99% of sales are shipped to outside Nebraska
Lease: Currently operated out of owner’s other business office; could easily be done from a home
Reason for Selling: Divestment
Time Commitment: 10-15 hours a week
Seller Training Period: 90 days if necessary; training can be done remotely
Growth Opportunities: Many; engage with online retailers as a reseller, market directly to healthcare professionals with an alternative focus
Current Owner’s Responsibilities: Writing site content and newsletters, adding products to the store, shipping items kept in inventory (many items are drop shipped)

Funding Example
Purchase Price: $108,000
10% Buyer Down Payment: $50,000
10% Seller Financing: $50,000
80% Bank Loan: $400,000

Next Steps
For a detailed financial package, please contact Cortney Sells or one of The Firm Business Brokerage’s professionals at 402.998.5288 or email

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